sometimes in september…i wake up in the morning…and miss norrland!

26 thoughts on “sometimes in september…i wake up in the morning…and miss norrland!

    • 2001/2002 and 2009 I studied, worked and lived in umea, 2003/2004 in Kiruna. I really loved it. I often miss it. Norrland, natur, skogen, fjällen, skärgarden, sjöar… and silence, people, situations, empty space for cool ideas…One day I will go back…to Norrland… rainy&urban greetings from berlin, daniel

      • I think I understand what you mean … I’ve never been there, but have heard about it, seen pictures and the nature is supposed to be fabulous so who would not want to make a visit? Greetings from Gothenburg, Eva You have a very nice blog Daniel so I will take a better look later of your beautyful Pictures! 🙂

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