good old tempelhof.

just a few days ago I had the chance to enter the tempelhof airport for free and just with me and my camera. for one hour.

more info about this historical place here.

22 thoughts on “good old tempelhof.

  1. Du hast recht, es ist wirklich ein besonderer Ort voller spannender Motive. Der einzelne Mann auf dem Beton, die Kurvenlinie mit Flugzeug (am Boden statt am Himmel) und das Motorrad sind meine Favoriten.

    • thank you! thank you! hoi hoi now I have to check…Maria-Celeste…can you tell me more about this… it would be interesting. sunny greetings from Berlin, Daniel

      • ‘Maria-Celeste’ was a sailing ship found abandoned in the 19C in the Atlantic, with no sign of life on board, no evidence of an emergency or of a struggle, total mystery. Of course there are the usual theories (alien abduction, sea serpent etc) but no real explanation that I know of. Tempelhof has this same air of mysterious abandonment …

      • ah! very very interesting! thank you for these informations! yes there is some special air of mysterious abandonment in tempelhof. saturday night greetings from berlin, daniel

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