into the river.


© Daniel Schrödl

16 thoughts on “into the river.

  1. Es schon komisch: Berlin (und Brandenburg) hat so viel Wasser und trotzdem stutzt man als Auswertiger über solch einen Titel.

  2. Fantastiskt! Vid första anblicken trodde jag det var en oljemålning. (Great! At the first glimpse I thougth it was an oil painting – maybe by some French impressionist.)

  3. Aj Martina lieben Dank! Das freut mich.
    Es ist oft einfach auch sensationell was man so in Wasserspiegelungen so erkennen kann. Das kann süchtig machen. LG Daniel

  4. A wonderful abstract – the grey line that runs diagonally through the image is a surprisingly important element. A great shot Daniel.

  5. Thank you Derrick. Yes it´s a nice one. Observing theses kind of things now and then makes me – as an amateur photographer – very happy.
    Rainy greetings from Berlin, Daniel

  6. Thank you very much! And compliments to your last wonderful coast/coastline/sea/beach pictures.
    Rainy greetings from Berlin, Daniel

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