nach berlin. von berlin.

towards berlin

© Daniel Schrödl

37 thoughts on “nach berlin. von berlin.

  1. I may be stepping over the line here, and if so forgive me, but I wonder what it would look like if you included only the black area and not the tree line. It suggests an absolutely wonderful abstract. Can’t help but wonder…

  2. Thank you so much! Yes it was a very good photographic moment and perspective. I´ve enjoyed it lots,
    Grey rainy greetings from Berlin, Daniel

  3. Who knew railroad tracks could be so sensual.

    I like the idea of cropping from the top to avoid the bright sky but I also like this one very much because of the context it gives. Two different images in the end, one no better than the other.

  4. Thank you! You’ve made a very good point. Both kind of images could be good and make sense. At the end (or at the beginning?) we would come/are coming to the end: what’s the purpose and aim of photography? What do we want to tell (about us)? For whom? I like that discussion! Rainy windy greetings from Berlin, Daniel

  5. Tolle Perspektive. Den Fernsehturm sieht man ja fast überall in Berlin, aber in Zusammenhang mit den Gleisen und ohne Stadt ist das bemerkenswert.

  6. Lieben Dank. Das verrückte an diesem Bild ist, dass mir der Fernsehturm erst später beim Anschauen der Bilder aufgefallen ist. Das Bild ist also ein Zufallsprodukt…

  7. This is great photograph, so impressive… your photographical eyes amazing, you see, you capture… Thank you dear Daniel, Love, nia

  8. Nia! What a nice compliment! This makes me happy and make my day! This picture is very special by the way. In this moment my little son has given me the tip to make a photo of the glowing rails. so we´ve been a good team. Have a nice spring day, Nia! Greetings to the Bosporus. Rainysunnywindy greetings from Berlin, Daniel

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