where i come from (and maybe why i left…)

© Daniel Schrödl

29 thoughts on “where i come from (and maybe why i left…)

  1. Yes. Maybe the story of my life. Maybe. A little bit. Thank you so much. For this comment and your daily following. Sunny greetings from Berlin, Daniel

  2. Dir lieben Dank. Ist schon irgendwie eine persönlichere Fotoserie als sonst (auch wenn der Junge auf dem Bild nicht ich bin, sondern mein Sohn). Ja das Leben. Eine Reise. Bayern, Berlin, wer weiß wohin…

  3. What impressive collection for your expression, dear Daniel… Life through the photographs… Who is this child… Maybe I can guess 🙂 But you know I am sure, my best photograph is the cat and the umbrella… amazing. danke schön, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

  4. Nia! Thank you so much for your nice words and your comment. Yes its a quite personal photo serie. somehow about my life. Although the child on the pictures… is my little son Matti…
    Sunny greetings from Berlin, Daniel

  5. Oh! Lieben Dank für das Kompliment. Ja, ich versuchte an Hand der letzten Handybilder aus dem letzten Bayernbesuch eine kleine persönliche Geschichte zu erzählen. Die so ungefähr stimmt. Irgendwie. Auch wenn auf den Fotos mein kleiner Sohn zu sehen ist…
    Beste Grüße (wieder zurück in) aus Berlin, Daniel

  6. The landscape where the little boy (representing Daniël??) grew up, is wonderful. I think, I wouldn’t change that for Berlin.
    But then looking at the rest of this series … I could do without that. So, in the end perhaps I would have left too …
    Anyway, anyhow … I like the series. 🙂

  7. Well. This landscape is important. In my life. It´s important to come back there regularly. And to take a deep breath…
    The little boy is my little son. But somehow me…

  8. I have mixed feelings about my hometown, and now live about 750 miles away, but I do miss the woods & lakes there. The pictures of your son are particularly nice. May I ask, in the third photo, does the branch tied to the antlers signify something?

  9. Yes I know what you mean, Robert … hometown… missing woods and lakes…
    and the question about the branch tied to the antlers. Hmm, the meaning, actually I don´t know. Maybe one day, I will find out.
    Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts. Sunny greetings from Berlin, Daniel

  10. Hmmm. I still can’t figure out if you left because of the beer (?!!?), the pope or the accordion music. 😉
    But seriously, a beautiful, sentimental and sweet set of images. Well, seen.

  11. Das hat viel aus der Distanz viel Schönes, aber aus der Nähe sehr Vereinnahmendes, da gibt es nur zwei Möglichkeiten: die Nase hinausstecken und sich ein grosses Stück Unabhängigkeit nehmen, oder sich wahllos ergeben.

  12. Welcome dear Daniel, I guessed your son. Blessing and Happiness to you all. There is rain in here, but greetings and love from İstanbul, nia

  13. Thank you Nia! Here rainy, too. 2 months without any rain are over now. Very good. Greetings to bosporus, cats & black sea coast!

  14. Das trifft es sehr gut: Ich habe natürlich (aus meiner Sicht) die Nase weit hinausgestreckt. Nun kann ich mich hin und wieder genießend erholend temporär der Sache hingeben…

  15. The combination of masculine beer culture, the pseudo moral of the catholic church and the commercialisation and postmodernisation of cultural traditions is a heavy challenge. Either you just follow and play the game or you have to leave. I’ve left. But I enjoy to come back. Now and then…

  16. Lieben Dank, Werner!
    Das freut mich sehr. Schließlich hast du ja auch vor einigen Wochen etwas sehr Treffendes über HEIMAT geschrieben.
    Sonnenregenmixgrüße aus Berlin, Daniel

  17. Well, then, hmmm again. I was somewhat joking but it looks like I hit the nail pretty close to the head….
    Very well captured indeed, then.

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