der letzte freiraum.

© Daniel Schrödl


13 thoughts on “der letzte freiraum.

  1. Lieben Dank! Der Käfigcharakter ist wohl notwendig, um durch die Reibung von frei und eingesperrt besondere Kreativität herauszukitzeln… lg Daniel

  2. Thank you Antonio. Berlin 10 years ago was full of free unused areas where the creatives could play their games. Today almost all this places are dissappeared. instead: new big residential areas and office buildings were build. Berlin has turned from spezial city to normal city. Well thats live somehow… and there are still some (new) free spaces and places. Everywhere. Somewhere. Somehow

  3. Interessant ist, dass “Freiraum” heute öfter organisierter Form vorkommt (z.B. gerne als studentisches Projekt etabliert, in leerstehenden Ladenlokalen), was aber meist mit Programm verknüpft wird. Echter Freiraum ist selten.

  4. Well i came to berlin because i followed my dream ❤ girl ten years ago 🙂 into this (too) big city. And today we have two little sweet children. And i try to search and find and enjoy silent places, niches, backyards, often through the eyes of my children… and berlin becomes so more and more interesting. Nice greetings from Berlin to wonderful Stockholm!

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