bin weg!

© Daniel Schrödl

57 thoughts on “bin weg!

  1. This is the perfect combination of the randomness of nature and the artfulness of the photographer. I am curious where this picture was taken and what kind of conifers (or very dark-leaved hardwoods?) those are that are so perfectly molded by the prevailing wind. Honestly, I follow progressions of trees e.g. going northward from Stockholm from red pines to Norway spruce to the white spruce I always love to see because that means I am really far north (northern Quebec or Ontario, northern part of Sweden). I appreciated your visit to my very site and my descriptions of a trip to Lapland.

  2. Thank u for your compliments I studied, worked and lived in kiruna and umea some years ago. And i love and often miss the beautiful trees and nature of norrland. So your blog and observations are very interesting for me. By the way this picture was shot on the little German Baltic sea Island called hiddensee which is located next to rügen. Daniel

  3. Summer’s essence well captured. All these colours of a summer meadow and the light blue sky, just wonderful. Hiddensee has a very special landscape.
    Thank you for sharing this and also for liking my posts.

  4. Lieben Dank! Dies Bild ist schon älter und steht für mich für Urlaub Raus Natur Weite. Hab ich 2011 auf Hiddensee fotografiert. Bin derzeit nicht soweit weg von da. Rügen. Auch ganz angenehm da… lg Daniel

  5. Thank you Sue! It’s my favourite place of Germany, the little baltic sea island called Hiddensee (no cars, just horses and bikes and beautiful landscapes). Right now i’m on holidays not far away from this place…

  6. Thank you Michael. And interesting the similarity with superbloom in California. I took this picture in June on the little german baltic sea island called Hiddensee. Right now I’m on holidays not far away from this place… sunny late summer greetings from the Baltic Sea, Daniel

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