achtung vor der kultur.


© Daniel Schrödl

5 thoughts on “achtung vor der kultur.

  1. Is this an accurate representation of what Berlin looks like today? Is it really so ugly? Or are you showing us the parts that most people don’t see? I’m not trying to be sarcastic with this question. I really want to know. Is it no longer a beautiful city?

  2. thank you for your comment. well. berlin. mmm. berlin has never been a beautiful city. berlin has been always a ugly (very fast growth during industrialisation era), destroyed (world war I and II), devided (the berlin wall) and broken city. ruins, forgetten places and centers, or new new gravitation centeres of urban development are making berlins. the main reason why (young) people from allover the world come to berlin is that this city is not ready yet, it´s offering free space for ideas, thoughts and experiments, it´s ugly enough to create beauty. It´s the opposite of well feeling, being, working, perfect created und designed. it´s chaos. somehow…

  3. That is a very sad testament to the city. My father lived in Berlin as a child and a young man, and I vaguely remember bring there for a short visit after the war. He talked about it fondly and with nostalgia. As a small child, I remember only the big advertisements of double ice cream, long, wide cement steps in a town square – feeding the pigeons there – and the heavy wooden banisters along stairs to the building entrances. No graffiti in those days. No garbage everywhere (at least, not that I saw). So it’s sad to see this portrait of the city. Yes, I know it was broken, ruined by war and politics, but the German people were always good at rebuilding, so I’m surprised and saddened that it has deteriorated into this grunge. But, I appreciate your photos. Without them I would not have known how it is today.

  4. Thank you for this very interesting story and history. It would have been interesting to me to visit Berlin 50 years ago. At least one day. Well my drawn berlin picture is definetely not complete. There are very new modern parts in Berlin, but these areas are in comparison to other cities with this size not very special. No ambitious architecture. Just boring capitalistic real estate projects that are killing local (sub)culture. Berlin has become a good place to make money in the real estate sector. But besides there are lively subcultures in the more fucked up areas…

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