jetränke hoffmann hat jeschlossn.

© Daniel Schrödl

6 thoughts on “jetränke hoffmann hat jeschlossn.

  1. wa zwoter weihnachtsfeiertach jeweesn. hatte jenuch von ditt jaanze drinjehänge, bin richtung friedrichsfelde jeloofn. jewerbejebiet. juute sache. aber nirjens jabs n sterni 🙂

  2. paula! i hope you´re fine. the situation here in germany is dramatic. families, friends, people meet over christmas like always; hardly tests, but exploding test positive rates; almost 1.000 coronadeads per day, collapsing health care system; and media, that avoid talking about it. I´m shocked and angry. There will be lots of suffering in january. Sorry that i´m writing it to you, but it will become really really catastrophic. I hope you´re safe somehow and the situation is more stable in your environment. Take care, Paula! And best wishes for 2021.

  3. Yes , I fear so too, it is the same here , and our government has seem fit to build beautiful ‘Nightingale’ hospials’ and nobody to serve them because , hundreds of ‘foreign’ nurses and even dokters have been sent home with the xenophobic fever as bad as covid , rife in this country. A country that in the past invaded and plundered half the world. I have no words to describe the horror I feel lately. Yes, I am fine!!! Thank you Daniel

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