new berlin XIX.





© Daniel Schrödl

4 thoughts on “new berlin XIX.

  1. Was ist das für ein Gebäude? Hab es kürzlich auch mal in den Abendstunden photographiert ohne aber darauf zu achten was darin stattfindet.

  2. Soweit ich weiß gehört das Ding zum Axel Springer Verlag. Bild, Welt und Co. Schicker Palast, den man sich da gegönnt hat. Obs besseren Journalismus macht sei dahingestellt….

  3. Berlin has changed somewhat since I was there last and went through checkpoint Charlie to get to the other side with magnificent original buildings and then on a long road all the way to Warsaw and not allowed onto sideroads….towers with soldiers with weapons! Must have been in the 1980s. I watched with interest the following monumental happenings, culminating in a united Germany.

  4. Yes, interesting. The Berlin history. Interesting to see what happens next to the former Berlin wall. Interesting to see, to feel how the wall dissappears more and more. The new walls are sometimes interesting from an architectonical point of view. but often it´s sad to see how big business, capitalism just take over this area, just to make money, without any sense for history, story, identity and collective dreams and visions.

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