das leben in der neuen stadt.





© Daniel Schrödl

2 thoughts on “das leben in der neuen stadt.

  1. hej, daniel, it seems there is a lot of doom and gloom in your berlin work lately. is it covid and its restrictions that made it turn more b&w and somber or could it be my own perception of this peroid….. waiting for brighter and more colourful days.
    greetings from across the (truely dark and gloomy) gouwe.

  2. Hej, Aafke, there is lots of shit weather, grey and brown in Berlin right now. And now Corona again. yes it´s a little bit to much of doom and gloom. But the thing that makes me thinking (and angry somehow) is the strongly increasing poverty, homelessness and segregation during these corona years. A few make big money with new buildings and (boring and monotone) new segregated residential areas or office buildings, but for the community, the whole society spaces and places are shrinking and dissapparing. everything is business. Sometimes it´s good to use black and white to draw strong contrasts to show this development….
    hope this doomy gloomy period in berlin and gouwe is soon over and sun and colours come back. take care! best wishes

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