thälmann reloaded.

thälmann reloaded

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  1. Hi Paula! Thälmann was one of the big socialistic heroes in the former GDR. There was a Thälmann statue or a Thälmann place or street in allmost every east german village or City. Thälmann was the Boss of the communist Party in the 1920s untill 1933. In this time he was leading the paramilitary communist Group that was fighting (like the Nazis) against the Democracy of the Young Weimarer Republik. They killed particularly a lot of socialdemocrats. A very very sad Story. But there is this place in East Berlin where this Thälmann statue still exists. Just in the middle of These typical GDR-buildings made with precast concrete slabs. Yes that´s the Story behind this Picture… Cludy stormy greetings from Berlin, Daniel

  2. Ah..yes, clad in my winter woollies, umbrella ruined I thank you for your explanation. Strange when I googled him, all I got was a swiss goalkeeper!! I must say, I do not know how to get an umlaut on my keyboard!

  3. Ja ich wollte das auch ein bisschen verdrehen verändern verwirren, um dieses Denkmalmonster in ein anderes Licht zu rücken. Das Bild von der Thälmann-Faust in der Tasche find ich gut. Danke dafür.
    LG Daniel

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